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Activities of the school

Realizing the fact that education is not confined to the four walls of our classroom, we are keen on providing maximum exposures and opportunities to the students to ensure the development of their full potentials. It was a golden chance for the 35 students from various schools to attend the five days NADAKA SILPASALA that we conducted in our school. A team of experts had given practice in Picturisation, Acting, Poetry writing, and Story writing. During these days the students themselves developed a story. The story was acted in neighbouring places. Thus we could release a short Telifilim of 15 minutes under the banner VEENDUM ORU KUTTIKKALAM. It was a great achievement for a school like that of ours with only four hundred students from poor families and which is situated in an interior village.
Clean Idamattom Project is totally a different and challenging programme for the school. At the time of school opening the people were under the threat of contageous disease like chikken guneya, denky fever, etc. The main cause of all these diseases are the dirty and polluted surroundings through which the mosquitoes are widely spread. We do believe in the old dictum, “Prevention is better than cure”. We planned to make the students aware of the importance of cleanliness among themselves and also in the society. We decided to keep the village clean. To make this plan a practical one, we conducted a meeting of the representatives from Panchath, Village, Krishibhavan, Bank, Convent, Parish, Near schools, Business men, Taxi drivers, various religious and political groups. All felt the need of cleanliness. We put forward our plans in the meeting. All the participants offered their help to keep the village and town clean. As a part of it the business people agreed to keep wastebaskets in the shops and to convey the message of importance of cleanliness.

Programme executed by our school
A. Awareness programme
The students were sent to different parts of the village carrying notices with message of cleanliness, eradication of mosquitoes, removal of plastics etc. We announced the message after the Holy Mass in the Parish Church, in Grama Sabha, and also in near by colonies. In cooperation with the Panjayath authorities and colony people we cleaned the colony and the public roads.
After cleaning the colony, sweets were distributed and there happened a touching experience. A lady threw down the papers on the road after having the sweets. Suddenly a five-year-old girl picked up that papers from the road and told her mother “ I would tell this to the school authorities”. Today’s children are tomorrows’ expectations. Yes.... we can mould a better generation only through children.
We prepared posters and banners conveying the message CLEANLINEES OF VILLAGE IS MY DUTY AND KEEP GARBAGE IN DUSTBIN and put up those on the vehicles, shops and public places. Once in a month the school community used to clean the town roads. The students planted trees and flower plants on roadside to beautify the roads.
We conducted a cycle rally of about a hundred students carrying placakard with message of importance of cleanliness. The rally covered a distance of about seven kilometers through near by Paika town and Vilakkumadom village. The public of the Paika town gave us a warm welcome and a public meeting was held there. During the meeting and in near by schools students presented a street play. A tableau in a lorry and the song in the tune of Vanchippattu, composed by Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Thelly cmi, made the rally more impressive. The rally was well appreciated by the public and was a great success in creating an awareness of the need of cleanliness.
To create awareness among the students various competitions like poem writing, logo, pledge etc. were conducted for all the students.

B. Safe disposal of used plastics
Plastic has become a great threat to the nature and to our health. Safe disposal of used plastic was a great problem. Our combined effort, to find a solution for it, lead us to a factory in which plastic pipes are made from used plastics. Our joy knew no bounds when the owner told us that they would take all the used plastics from us. We planned to collect used plastics from the whole village through students and parish. Now the students bring used plastics to the school from their house and we collect it and give to the factory.

C. Wormy compost unit distribution
To make use of the organic wastes in creative manner some houses were granted portable wormy compost units with the financial aid from Lions Club of Paika.

3. Vegetable and Flower Plant gardens
Students are competing each other for maintaining these gardens in the school compound. We used only organic manure and organic insecticides. We earned about Rs.3000/ by selling the vegetables. We used these vegetables for the noon meals also. We collected lots of seeds and distributed to the students. We had launched a programme MY VEGETABLE GARDEN to promote interest among the students in vegetable gardening. Special prizes are offered for the best gardens.We have planted about 70 Tapiocca plants also in the school compound.

4. Herbal Plant Garden
Kerala is the richest state having herbal plants. In order to promote an interest in aired and our age-old treatments we gave importance to this project. The students were thrilled to bring various medicinal plants and to write the botanical name of it.

5. Herbal Magazine
The students published a manuscript magazine about different herbal plants, their botanical names and medicinal values.

6. Reading day celebrations
We celebrated the reading day, birthday of Sri K M Panikkar in a grand manner. We conducted a book exhibition and book rally.

7. Blessed Chavara day celebrations
As part of the celebration we decorated the picture of Bl. Chavara . We conducted special assembly and a message of the day was given. Song about the Blessed was sung. Pictures of Bl. Chavara and sweets were given to the students and staff. The management served special lunch for the staff.
8. Onam celebrations

Onam, our state festival was a day of celebration for the school. Pookkalam competitions, Maveli ethirelppu by the public and students, payassam preparation by the staff and students, variety of competitions were some of the activities of the day.

9. Christmas Celebrations
Our Christmas celebration is very special. All the students take part in the Star making competition. Two years back we had given good training in star making. So students are very experts in making good stars. Christmas Pappa competitions is also very special in our school. After the competitions all the Pappas come to the stage for a group carol singing. We conducted classwice carol singing competitions also

10. Solar eclipse
The students were given coaching in making filter glass to watch the sun on the eclipse day. So they made it and all the students were very happy to watch the wonder of the universe.

11. “Best In”
During the first week of November the Mathrubhumi daily reported a news about a nineth standard boy named Bestin Babu who had given back an amount of Rs. 11500/ to the owner, as he got it on the way while he distributed the news paper in the morning. To create the value of honesty and truthfulness among the students we conducted an appreciation letter wrting competition. All the students participated in it and wrote that they were really influenced and encouraged in doing so. They made a pledge to imbibe this quality and to be honest lways. Some students wrote Bestin did so because he has BEST IN. We collected all the letters and sent it to our Hero Bestin Baby.

12. Adventurous journey
Today due to the nuclear family set up children have no chance to face risks and adventures and thereby to grow courageously. So every year we conduct an adventurous journey to Vagamon Hills through forest from Poonajr, Adivaram on foot. The programme is for the students of standard nine. It is a journey, which takes about four hours. At the starting point when the hilltop is shown far away, majority of the children want to go back without climbing the hill because they thought they would never succeed. But we give inspiration and courage. Anyway we will manage to climb the hill some way. After the thrilling experience the children used to say we want to climb the Everest.
Our Moto of the adventurous Journey: The students who are afraid of doing difficult tasks become confident once they succeed.

13. Spoken English Programme
During the last mid-summer holidays special spoken English course for interested students of standard 6 to 9 was conducted. About 60 students participated in this programme. Students of spoken English course from St. Thomas College, Pala were the resource persons. Students benefited a lot from this course. As a continuation of this programme teachers of the school took special spoken English classes during Saturdays.

14. Special Training Programme for teachers
Our teachers participated in the special training programme which was conducted by the Corporate for two days. In this programme special training was given by experts about curricular and extra curricular activities that would be conducted in the schools under the corporate. On the basis of this programme special plans for each school was chalked out and was executed. During the academic year evaluation about the execution of the plans was done for three times. Our Corporate management highly appreciated the special programme executed by our School. We won first place among the schools which includes CBSE, ICSE and Aided Schools under the management.

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